Belhaven Police Department
137 East Main Street / PO Box 220
Belhaven, NC 27810

Phone: (252) 943-2242

Fax: (252) 943-2650




Message from the Chief of Police

On Saturday, November 17, 2012, the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies awarded the Belhaven Police Department the distinction of being a CALEA Recognized Agency. This was accomplished through the hard work of each member of the Police Department and through the backing of the Town of Belhaven Mayor and Council. In 2009, CALEA determined that of the 17,876 law enforcement agencies in the United Stated, 9,000 agencies had 10 or less sworn personnel. Of this number, 28 were accredited and 14 were recognized. These numbers represented less than 1% of the total

F.P. Clingenpeel, M.P.A.
Chief of Police


Vision Statement

The Belhaven Police Department will be an accredited agency through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA).

Members of this agency will continue to enforce the laws of North Carolina based on respect for the individual citizen, as well as the necessity to protect the larger community. This agency will maintain, and be held accountable for, high moral and professional standards.

The Belhaven Police Department will develop and maintain quality leadership. We will maintain a strong foundation for future growth by hiring, training, and retaining quality qualified personnel.


Our Mission

To promote a safe and secure Belhaven through proactive and professional law enforcement services; to respond to all citizens with compassion and integrity; and to fairly and equitably enforce the constitutional rights of all people.



Integrity: The Belhaven Police Department will provide an honest and open approach to community needs free from conflict of interest, impropriety, or anything less than the fair and equitable treatment of all citizens.

Fairness: The Belhaven Police Department believes that the fair, impartial, and consistent application and enforcement of city and state laws is the best way to serve the common good. The key question asked being – is the violation clear-cut and substantial?

Excellence: The Belhaven Police Department is committed to delivering a high standard of professional police services. To meet this standard, department personnel will be proactive life-long learners. This agency will not rest and rely on knowledge of the past.

Courage: Law enforcement is a dangerous business which, at times, demands its practitioners go “…where angels fear to tread.” The Officers of the Belhaven Police Department will confront dangerous and demanding situations head-on, realizing that the law abiding citizens require and respect these acts.

Summary of Key Programs

Child Protection Program

The Belhaven Police Department now offers a free program to help parents better protect their children. The program involves department personnel fingerprinting and photographing children. Once gathered these records are given to the parents for safe-keeping.

As an added bonus the Belhaven Police Department is now offering a free bicycle registration program. To participate in this program simply bring your bicycles to the police department. Department personnel will record the serial number of the bicycle and affix a sticker which will warn would-be thieves of the bike's registration and of prosecution if stolen!


R-U-OK Program

Are you (or your loved ones) OK? The Belhaven Police Department offers a program designed to check the welfare of citizens who might need daily contact to ensure they are “OK”. Participants are usually senior citizens requiring specific physical or medical needs who live alone.

The Belhaven Police Department’s “RUOK” program involves people calling people. The program works by having BPD personnel contact participants by telephone on a daily basis. Ours is not a computerized system. The brief conversation that ensues allows the caller to determine if participants are OK.

Anyone interested in becoming a participant should contact the Belhaven Police Department at 943-2242 to enroll.


Residential Security Check

Going on vacation? The Belhaven Police Department would be happy to check your residence in your absence. Simply call the Police Department, answer a few questions, and enjoy your vacation. A similar program is available to those owning vacation homes in town. Again, simply call the Police Department for further information. For your convenience, you can now DOWNLOAD the residential security check form and drop off the completed form to the police office.